Code of Conduct

London Social Network is a welcoming place with a pleasant, professional and positive atmosphere that promotes the sharing of knowledge, help, and advice; as well as serving as a platform for socialising, networking and career growth.

We believe in treating all of our members like senior professionals, giving them the space to use the community at their discretion, providing the code of conduct is adhered to.

We encourage the creation of content and nurture participation.

We listen to our members and strive to take their ideas, opinions and feedback on board in order to improve the community and service we provide.

Last updated: 01/19/2022

Our events are free, open and very transparent, and we always encourage communication, questions and free flowing interaction between community members, leaders, and organisers alike. However, we also have some guidelines which help us maintain a healthy, productive, and growth-focused environment across the community.

  1. Inappropriate Behaviour – This is a senior-level community that hosts professional events and we encourage constructive criticism; however, we do not accept personal attacks of any kind or any negative disruptions on our remote events. Any comments that might reasonably be expected to cause distress will be acted upon accordingly, including sensitive issues relating to gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion and disability.
  2. Fraud and Identity – As this community is a place for professionals we cannot tolerate any false information being distributed about yourself or other people, and this includes falsifying your own identity or creating a false presence or organisation.
  3. Advertising/Spam and Commercial – In consideration of other members and to encourage a healthy professional community, advertising and commercial posts are not permitted in this community and will be removed. Any external advertising is not permitted, including buying and selling, referral links and promotion of private retailers.
  4. Personal Details – We respect the privacy of all London Social Network members and do not allow the public circulation of sensitive details such as home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or bank account details. You are free to share this information with other London Social Network members in private at your own discretion.
  5. Illegal or Copyright Misuse – You are not permitted to post any content that infringes the rights of any third party, use of copyright or trademarks, legal matters or litigation within the group.
  6. Harassment – We have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Harassment or cyber-bullying of any kind and it will not be tolerated towards other members of the community or staff, whether that be during an event, through email or on the forum. This includes nuisance communications. If you feel harassed or bullied in any way you are encouraged to contact a member of the London Social Network or LSN team.
  7. Guideline Breaches – Breaches of any of these guidelines may result in the removal of any of your content within the London Social Network, prevention of contributing further content, temporary suspension or, in extreme cases, permanent suspensions from London Social Network.
  8. Disputes – In the event of disputes, or clarification on any of the guidelines, the London Social Network management team has the final say. We will not discuss details of our moderation decisions on the public forum or in live video events. If you wish to escalate any discussion or dispute you may have with a member of our team, please email community@londonsocialnetwork
  9. Updating of the Guidelines – These guidelines are subject to change without notice, you are encouraged to review them on a regular basis.