How can I meet expats in London?

London is a city of 8.9 million people, but it is easy to feel lonely and lost in a sea of people where it can be hard to find your place. Having only expats around you can be counterproductive, but you can also benefit from interacting with people who have a similar cultural background, and share your knowledge.

It is our goal to bring like minded people together who prefer to socialise in a fun atmosphere (and at times unusual) events, ideally in relatively quiet locations including pubs, bars, restaurants and parks where people can meet each other and establish connections and friendships beyond mere acquaintances.

How can I meet expats in London?

London Social Network is right place if you are looking for social networking and fun times at social events involving culture, art, history, music, adventure, dancing, walking, networking and the outdoors. Our members are everyday real people who are interested in fun and interesting events with a focus on making new friends, networking, connecting or just getting away from their busy lives.

If there is cause you’re passionate about, consider volunteering or offering to organise events and activities. We are looking for volunteers with experience in organising events to join our team and help us to organise and deliver events which will engage our members, encourage new ones and raise awareness of our work.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our events soon.